Saturday, 24 June 2017


Ask someone whether she was a prostitute, and she would never agree. But, if you ask another person whether he was an escort and the person will not only agree but will also be delighted to share his or her experience with you. For an ordinary citizen of UK, the meaning of escort and prostitute is somehow same, but if you take a closer look at it there are many things that differentiate an escort from a prostitute.
London escorts are the people who are usually hired to accompany you, whether on a trip to some city or a picnic. Of course, there are chances that you end up having sex, but this is not the only reason for which an escort is hired for. Besides this, a prostitute is always hired for fulfilling once physical desires and this is what they are going to be paid for.
Well, this is not the only thing that separates a prostitute from an escort.


London escorts are glamorous looking individuals that are usually hired for entertainment purposes.  However, most people cannot differentiate them from prostitutes. Thus, here are some differences that can help you decide whether to hire a prostitute or an escort:


As said before, escorts are hired to entertain oneself and not only for physical purposes.  Besides this, there are many escorts who does not work as sex workers at all and provide other facilities to their clients like a massage. So, next time when you call an escort make sure to confirm what services they provide.


London escorts can make a large sum of money in just one day that is huge when compared to the earning of a prostitute in a night. Thus, you will find an escort in far better living condition than a prostitute.


Prostitution is illegal in most of the states including the UK. Thus, the law does not provide any safeguard to the sex workers and they have to face all the hardships themselves. But, escort services are made legal, so they can drag you into the court if you don't treat them right.


Escorts usually work with escort agencies, so in order to hire them, you need to contact your nearby agency. Besides this, you can pick a prostitute from any street or brothel.


When you are hiring an escort, you have many advantages like you can go out with them, chat, and have a good time with them. Not only this, you can also ask them to join you on a trip so that you won't feel lonely. But, with prostitutes, you are limited just to your bed.

These are some of the main differences that separate and escort from a prostitute. Thus, think twice what you are looking for before hiring a London escort. This is because, if you are looking for someone to fulfill your sexual desires there might be some escorts who won't be ready to do so.



Most people think that working as an escort is like a piece of cake. Think for yourself, what difficulties a person would have in a profession where he gets hundreds of pounds in return for just spending few hours.
 Well, nothing comes without challenges. There are a lot of difficulties and challenges when you are working as an escort, where you have to meet strange people every day, of course not all of them turns out to be gentlemen.
To be very honest, the work of an escort is not that easy as you have always thought. How would you feel if you had to spend time with someone whom you doesn't like at all? Not only this, you have to fake it like you are having the best time.
London escort agencies are growing day by day. You can easily find an escort in London to hire your partner for the day. Thus, London is full of beautiful girls that are always ready to serve. But, these beautiful London escorts have to face new challenges every day they step out. Some of them reported that their experience with their first client was not up to their expectation. There are different reasons for this, either the guy was ugly or he was very weird. But, still, they have to spend their whole time with the same person.
Not only this, whenever they are going to meet a new client for the first time, of course, there are security issues. As no one knows, what the guy is going to turn out. To help them, most of the escort agencies provide bodyguard to their workers. But, still, the first meeting is full of risk, as some people are paranoid enough to cause physical harm to the girls.
There are some people who are looking for physical pleasure only. But, being a human most of the escorts doesn't like to mess up with the strangers. Not only is this, involving with clients physically not in the rule books of most London escort agencies. But, the clients are not ready to corporate with them, thus, it becomes difficult to hold them back all the time.
As the demand for escorts is increasing, so is the competition becoming tougher. That is why the escorts have to make their customers happy all the time if they want to be on the top list of their clients. Any bad attitude can end up all the efforts into ashes. Not only is this, looking good always the key thing that the clients want in their hired girl for the time. So, being an escort means you have to be well dressed all the time and good enough to entertain the people, no matter if you are willing to do it or not.

Thus, there are many challenges that one has to face when in London escort agency. However, there are a lot of money you can earn, but with every day comes a new challenge. So, one needs to be prepared for it.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Escort as profession

         When it comes to choosing a profession, there might be very few who would like to choose the profession of an escort. It might not be a glorified profession but it is not glorified because there are a lot of negative things being marketed about the profession. It might be true that all is not interested or inclined to be in the escort business. But there are some who enter this world willingly and they are more than happy to do so. There are many escorts agency that give a platform to many young and beautiful women to pursue being an escort as their profession. Those who do not mind or do not have any inhibitions, can either be a part of a good agency or start of as independent escorts.
But as all profession has its ups and downs, this profession is not an exception. So, before stepping into the world of escorts, make sure that you know where you are treading into.
It Is Not Only About Sex - Escorts are not only meant to provide their clients with sex. That is not what the profession is all about. Those who think it is, think wrong. That is what prostitutes do. An escort provides their clients with more value for their money. They spend time with them, entertain them, and give them company. Sex is also a part but then it is a part and not the only thing in the matter. However, it depends upon the negotiation that takes place between the client and the escort to decide whether it will be only sex or something more than that too. Being an escort is pricey compared to being a prostitute.
The Client Always Does Not Have The Last Say - Only because the client is paying the money, and perhaps a lot of it, does not mean that the escorts have to listen to all that the client wants. The client may ask the escort to do something which she might not be comfortable in doing Answering to all the fetish is not the escort’s prerogative. Moreover, if she is working with one of the escorts agency, then there will be definite terms and conditions. There is no reason to lose hope or heart as a good number of clients understand the role escorts play and it is just not related to sexual favours.
You Are Not In The Business Because You Are Dumb - This might come as a bit of surprise but it is true. There are escorts who are far from being dumb. There are clients who just don’t want a good looking escort. They want someone who is intelligent and educated. One can really come across many highly educated escorts who have graduate degrees. They are smart, they are pretty, witty and beautiful. So, if you land yourself some beauty with brains, then do not be taken aback.
Be On Your Own Guard - When stepping into the shoes of an escort; understand that there is no bodyguard or security for you. You have to stand up for yourself and take care of yourself as well. That is why while going on an outcall, cross check the details, the address and the contact numbers provided by the client. Knowing a bit about the client from other sources will not harm you. Rather, it is better to know about the person with whom you will be spending some time.

Different women have different reasons to come into the escort business. Some come for the money while some come because of need. But at the end of the day, it is a profession and there is no reason to think that it is a compromised career.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Escort Girl

     When it came to catering to the needs of her well-heeled customers, "I was always on call."
Thirty-year-old, who didn't want her real name used, says she started turning tricks in Minnesota at 15. For her, prostitution was a job, not a path to a celebrity lifestyle. In a good year, the young wife and mother saw up to four clients a day, men she describes as "just guys, like the ones you see at the supermarket or fixing something in your house" and earned up to $300 for 30 minutes of her services. She found her customers through online personals, chat rooms and telephone talk lines for singles.
"I needed that money. I had debt, credit card debt. Then later, when I had a child, I needed the money to pay for food and things for my baby," she says. In May of this year, Celeste says, she decided to quit for good after a client, a doctor, hurt her during sex. "I figured he of all people would know the limitations of a person's body, but he didn't and I thought I was going to die."
While these moments in the sun tend to glamorize prostitution, women in the sex industry and those who study them say a prostitute's real life can also be difficult and dangerous. What's harder to get agreement on is whether the sex industry victimizes women.
When she met her first pimp at a gas station hang-out, she was vulnerable and alone. Her family had neglected her, she says, and she was often the target of psychological abuse. She "didn't have enough self-esteem" to say no when her new boyfriend suggested she work for him. "He was very handsome and smooth," she says. "I wanted him to like me and be my boyfriend. I was living on my own, mainly, and he took care of me."
"I never felt that I was a victim, as opposed to the girls on the street,”. "There was definitely anxiety at the beginning, but it got easier almost immediately because the agency's clientele mainly consisted of successful, well-mannered business men. We were marketed as princesses and the men who hired us treated us as such."
"Prostitution causes deep psychological harm," says Melissa Farley, Ph.D., a research and clinical psychologist and founder and executive director of the non-profit group Prostitution Research and Education in San Francisco. "The words that are said to these women on the job, the names they are called by their [customers] and pimps hurt them emotionally. They are frequently abused physically. Not to mention that the shelf life of women in prostitution is short -- if women manage to stay alive in it, they don't last a long time."
Farley, who spent two years investigating eight legalized brothels says, "Nevada brothels are scary, scary places." Her research, which was supported by a U.S. State Department grant, found that 81 percent of the women in brothels don't want to be there.
Other researchers disagree with Farley's findings and contend that by legalizing prostitution in the form of brothels, women in the sex industry can gain a modicum of legitimacy.

Brothels, a legal solution

Sociologist Barb Brents of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has spent the last 10 years researching the legal brothel industry in Nevada. She disagrees with Farley's position that all women working as prostitutes -- even legally in brothels -- are victims.
"It's a job. I am a single mother and this job allowed me to pay for my daughters' education, our mortgage and our car. I could not do that working at Wal-Mart."
Still, the women interviewed for this article agree that even under the best circumstances, being a sex worker isn't a job that they want to pursue forever. Retirement seems like a good idea to ex-call girl McLennan, who says she is happy to be done with that part of her life, in part because her short prison time was an eye-opener to the risks of her profession. Still, her experiences provided for her: She is writing a memoir, "The Price" (Phoenix Books), due out in November.
She's also planning to set up blog "where I can offer other girls advice and guidance. I have made a lot of bold choices in my life but I think many of them have been misguided."

Celeste wants to volunteer to baby-sit at the non-profit where she once received counselling and comfort. "A lot of women there have babies or young children and they need someone to watch them while they get help," she says. "I want to be able to give back to the organization someday."