Saturday, 8 July 2017


Since the last few years, the trend of hiring a transsexual escort has risen very much. But, the question is why all the man are preferring transsexual to hang out with when there are so many straight girls available?
Well, there can be many reasons as to why men are going for a change. The thing is that this is a good news for transsexuals, as there are many young bachelors looking for a good partner to accompany them. Besides this, there are many London escort agencies who are looking for new and young trans genders to work for them.
On viewing such a great demand for transsexual escorts has set London escort agencies at the alarm, thus they are hiring more transsexuals than others. But not everyone is happy with this news as there are many other girls who are eager to know why man are preferring this.
To solve your problem, here are some reasons which led such a huge change in man's attitude towards choosing a partner:
Ø  The first and most important reason is that they are looking for a change. After following the same routine for hours and days, most of us get bored and when it comes to gender, the male is the one who gets bored with things very early. This is the reason as for why they are always ready to try things that are new and different. So, this is the reason why most men are dating transsexuals.
Ø  The second reason is that most of the people are not satisfied with their partners, although the other companion is fully satisfied. Most of the man feels the same lack of fulfillment in most of the normal relations that is why they start finding their satisfaction in different things.
Ø  Thrill and adventure are what every man loves and they want this in their relationships, as well. When a new relationship starts, at first it is full of excitement as it is new, but after some time it loses its charms. That is why most men start losing interest in their partner. So in order to bring that thrill back in life most of the man prefer experimenting with different relationship styles.
Ø  Most men want a companion who is beautiful and pretty enough to look at, besides this, they also want to have someone who is strong enough when making love. Transsexual having both part strength like a man and beauty of woman makes them ideal for man to spend time with.
Ø  Besides this, most men get physical intimacy, but not the love from their partner. This is the reason why most men start finding love in transsexuals.

Transsexual are becoming very popular these days as escorts. There are many men who are heading to escort agencies to hire a partner to accompany them. However, there are many reasons why man prefers transsexual over any normal genetic girls. The thing is that hanging out with transgender is not a taboo anymore for most people.

Friday, 7 July 2017


Are you going for your first date with a transsexual escort?
If yes, then there is nothing to be nervous about, as they are normal humans and there are no chances that they will bite you. And if you are really nervous, then mention this right at the moment, this will help them understand how to make you comfortable.
However, there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind when going to hang out with transsexual or bisexual London escorts. This is for your own good, as there are many things that you speak which can hurt their feelings.


The first thing that most men confuse with is what pronouns to be used when talking to them. This is the problem that you are also going to face. So, it is better to be prepared. Keep in mind that she wants to be a girl and that is why she is with you. Try to use 'she' words when talking to them, even though they have something more than a woman can have.


Most of the man find it appropriate to communicate before jumping into it, but in doing so they start asking too many personal questions. You are allowed to ask her anything, but keep in mind that not to question her biological gender. They want to be a girl and treated like that, thus treat them in the way they wanted.


Many of she males you will meet have gone through medical procedures to look more like a female. But, don't ask them about these surgeries, as you are not her doctor. Think of her as women, with some male parts in her. They have no other option than going through this medical procedure to make them acceptable in the society, thus it can be really hurting deep down.


Treat her the way you treat other women. Be nice to her and share how you feel when you are with her. Don't shy to take her in the public and ask her how she likes to do this and how she doesn't. Don't be demanding just because you are the one paying her.


The most important thing that you should stick in your mind is that she is a woman and wants to be treated like a woman. So, act in front of her as you behave in front of another woman. Acknowledge how beautiful she is, give her present if you want and take her to shopping.

These are few things that you should keep in mind when you are dating a transsexual person. Little things, but can play the magic. There are may be times when your few words can destroy your whole evening, thus be careful with what you are going to speak and remember that she also has a heart like other woman does

Thursday, 6 July 2017


Do you love having a thrill in life?
Are you lacking interesting in the normal genetic girls with time?
If yes is your answer, then you must be among all those straight people who are looking for something different to add the thrill that is missing from their life.
Meeting a transsexual use to be a taboo back then, but now people are more open to things and the society has started accepting things that are different. That is why, more and more people are heading towards London escort agencies to hire escorts who are pretty like most other women, but deep down they have something more.
With this change comes the great rise in the trend for dating transsexuals. Dating transsexuals are among one of the top trends today.
Dating a girl, who is a man in actual, means that there will be no drama of attachment or commitment, this is the best part of dating a transsexual. As you can spend as much time without going through all this.
Things are not easier for a transsexual at all. In spite of people starting to realize their worth, but still, there are many people who find it offending for a straight guy to be involved in such acts. This makes it really tough for the transsexual to work in the normal environment. In spite of all this, they are somehow making their way out of this mess and have managed to beat the woman for this job.
The transsexuals have an advantage that they have important qualities of both the genders, thus this makes them unique and ideal thing to go for the most man.
However, these transsexuals are somehow different from a normal woman, but they can provide you same services like most of the other girl's escorts. Their services included unlimited blowjob and anal, so you can have the pleasure anytime and anywhere you want.
Most of the man just jump into bed right at the time when they enter the room. This somehow destroys the fun of the night, thus if you want to enjoy your experience at its full try to know them by talking. If you are going for it for the first time tell her this thing. And it won't destroys your fun for the night.
If asked you will find many reasons and not one, as to why transsexual escorts are becoming popular with time. Not only this, you will see a lot of websites and channels promoting t-girl porn. Good news for the sheman.
There are many times that there date end up with a psychopath which results in beating them and accusing them, but still, there are many men who is good enough to be grateful to them for what they are giving.

Dating a transsexual is still a taboo in most of the societies, but there are many straight guys who are daring enough to go for a change. So if you are also the one looking for a new thrill than giving a call to your nearby London escort agencies.