Monday, 31 October 2016

Escort as profession

         When it comes to choosing a profession, there might be very few who would like to choose the profession of an escort. It might not be a glorified profession but it is not glorified because there are a lot of negative things being marketed about the profession. It might be true that all is not interested or inclined to be in the escort business. But there are some who enter this world willingly and they are more than happy to do so. There are many escorts agency that give a platform to many young and beautiful women to pursue being an escort as their profession. Those who do not mind or do not have any inhibitions, can either be a part of a good agency or start of as independent escorts.
But as all profession has its ups and downs, this profession is not an exception. So, before stepping into the world of escorts, make sure that you know where you are treading into.
It Is Not Only About Sex - Escorts are not only meant to provide their clients with sex. That is not what the profession is all about. Those who think it is, think wrong. That is what prostitutes do. An escort provides their clients with more value for their money. They spend time with them, entertain them, and give them company. Sex is also a part but then it is a part and not the only thing in the matter. However, it depends upon the negotiation that takes place between the client and the escort to decide whether it will be only sex or something more than that too. Being an escort is pricey compared to being a prostitute.
The Client Always Does Not Have The Last Say - Only because the client is paying the money, and perhaps a lot of it, does not mean that the escorts have to listen to all that the client wants. The client may ask the escort to do something which she might not be comfortable in doing Answering to all the fetish is not the escort’s prerogative. Moreover, if she is working with one of the escorts agency, then there will be definite terms and conditions. There is no reason to lose hope or heart as a good number of clients understand the role escorts play and it is just not related to sexual favours.
You Are Not In The Business Because You Are Dumb - This might come as a bit of surprise but it is true. There are escorts who are far from being dumb. There are clients who just don’t want a good looking escort. They want someone who is intelligent and educated. One can really come across many highly educated escorts who have graduate degrees. They are smart, they are pretty, witty and beautiful. So, if you land yourself some beauty with brains, then do not be taken aback.
Be On Your Own Guard - When stepping into the shoes of an escort; understand that there is no bodyguard or security for you. You have to stand up for yourself and take care of yourself as well. That is why while going on an outcall, cross check the details, the address and the contact numbers provided by the client. Knowing a bit about the client from other sources will not harm you. Rather, it is better to know about the person with whom you will be spending some time.

Different women have different reasons to come into the escort business. Some come for the money while some come because of need. But at the end of the day, it is a profession and there is no reason to think that it is a compromised career.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Escort Girl

     When it came to catering to the needs of her well-heeled customers, "I was always on call."
Thirty-year-old, who didn't want her real name used, says she started turning tricks in Minnesota at 15. For her, prostitution was a job, not a path to a celebrity lifestyle. In a good year, the young wife and mother saw up to four clients a day, men she describes as "just guys, like the ones you see at the supermarket or fixing something in your house" and earned up to $300 for 30 minutes of her services. She found her customers through online personals, chat rooms and telephone talk lines for singles.
"I needed that money. I had debt, credit card debt. Then later, when I had a child, I needed the money to pay for food and things for my baby," she says. In May of this year, Celeste says, she decided to quit for good after a client, a doctor, hurt her during sex. "I figured he of all people would know the limitations of a person's body, but he didn't and I thought I was going to die."
While these moments in the sun tend to glamorize prostitution, women in the sex industry and those who study them say a prostitute's real life can also be difficult and dangerous. What's harder to get agreement on is whether the sex industry victimizes women.
When she met her first pimp at a gas station hang-out, she was vulnerable and alone. Her family had neglected her, she says, and she was often the target of psychological abuse. She "didn't have enough self-esteem" to say no when her new boyfriend suggested she work for him. "He was very handsome and smooth," she says. "I wanted him to like me and be my boyfriend. I was living on my own, mainly, and he took care of me."
"I never felt that I was a victim, as opposed to the girls on the street,”. "There was definitely anxiety at the beginning, but it got easier almost immediately because the agency's clientele mainly consisted of successful, well-mannered business men. We were marketed as princesses and the men who hired us treated us as such."
"Prostitution causes deep psychological harm," says Melissa Farley, Ph.D., a research and clinical psychologist and founder and executive director of the non-profit group Prostitution Research and Education in San Francisco. "The words that are said to these women on the job, the names they are called by their [customers] and pimps hurt them emotionally. They are frequently abused physically. Not to mention that the shelf life of women in prostitution is short -- if women manage to stay alive in it, they don't last a long time."
Farley, who spent two years investigating eight legalized brothels says, "Nevada brothels are scary, scary places." Her research, which was supported by a U.S. State Department grant, found that 81 percent of the women in brothels don't want to be there.
Other researchers disagree with Farley's findings and contend that by legalizing prostitution in the form of brothels, women in the sex industry can gain a modicum of legitimacy.

Brothels, a legal solution

Sociologist Barb Brents of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has spent the last 10 years researching the legal brothel industry in Nevada. She disagrees with Farley's position that all women working as prostitutes -- even legally in brothels -- are victims.
"It's a job. I am a single mother and this job allowed me to pay for my daughters' education, our mortgage and our car. I could not do that working at Wal-Mart."
Still, the women interviewed for this article agree that even under the best circumstances, being a sex worker isn't a job that they want to pursue forever. Retirement seems like a good idea to ex-call girl McLennan, who says she is happy to be done with that part of her life, in part because her short prison time was an eye-opener to the risks of her profession. Still, her experiences provided for her: She is writing a memoir, "The Price" (Phoenix Books), due out in November.
She's also planning to set up blog "where I can offer other girls advice and guidance. I have made a lot of bold choices in my life but I think many of them have been misguided."

Celeste wants to volunteer to baby-sit at the non-profit where she once received counselling and comfort. "A lot of women there have babies or young children and they need someone to watch them while they get help," she says. "I want to be able to give back to the organization someday."

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Transsexual Escort

        More and more men are going for the transsexual escorts these days and no matter what are the reasons behind it, their increasing popularity has flooded the escort industry with good looking, sexy and sophisticated transsexual escorts from different parts of the world. If you are looking for a sensual experience which will make you forget just about all other experiences that you ever had, spend some time with transsexual escorts and experience what they have to offer, and you will know why they are so much sought after and popular these days.
However, since there is a rising competition among the transsexual escorts as so many are available these days, one has to know what makes a good transsexual escort, so that they can get an edge over the others and can sustain in this competitive world without any hassle. A good transsexual escort needs to be good looking, have a well maintained body, must have the right curves in the right place, must be glamorous, and have a sense of style and a personality which is very magnetic as well as friendly. These few qualities will help you get repeat customers and ensuring that you have a long list of customers is what is very important for an escort of just any kind.
A good transsexual escort must not only be good at providing sensual pleasure, she also needs to be a very good companion as many clients would love to go for a wining and dining experience at a posh fancy restaurant or a pub or may even prefer to go partying at a nightclub. Proving to be boring during conversations or a very dull personality at the nightclub is definitely going to turn off the client and he is sure to not come back again to you. Being accommodating to the needs of different customers pleasantly and pleasingly is going to prove very vital for your future success. Your friendly attitude and your commitment to provide satisfaction in tangible and intangible ways, is very necessary and essential for success and achieving popularity in the world of transsexual escorts.
Transsexual escorts need to ensure that they manage their clientele pretty professionally and do go an extra mile with prospective clients to win their loyalty and trust in your commitment to provide extraordinary pleasure. In simple words, you need to be the best in your game and that is why, you need to grasp what the client came looking for and dutifully fulfilling his wishes thereafter.
Ts escorts must also be fashion conscious and have a sense of style, which is urban, contemporary and goes with your personality well as that is what will help you come across as confident and graceful too.
If there is no spice added to your sex life from time to time, it is but natural to get bored after a few years and that is why, many men tend to find new sensual activities to keep this kind of boredom at bay and release their sexual energy. One of the recent trends among men has been to book and hire transsexual escorts, who are available easily through many different escort agencies. In what has been increasingly seen is that the clients who are hiring the transsexual escorts are not actually gay or bisexual, but most of them are looking forward to a new and unique experience which they are certain they will find with transsexual escorts.
The best part about the trans escort is that they are very mature and the way they can provide wild pleasure, matching the requirements of the men for real, no women can match up with it. It is a very simple thing to understand why many men have started to prefer transsexual escorts over regular women escorts – simply because they have well-formed boobs as well as the manhood, and the combination of the two is very interesting, raunchy and exciting, providing sensual pleasure and experience with difference that many men want to feel and enjoy

Enjoying sensual pleasure with women is very common and for men these days, it has become very monotonous and that is why, men who want to experiment with their pleasure requirements for better fulfilment of their wildest expectations and enjoy complete satisfaction, prefer transsexual escorts over regular women escorts.

Escort directory

          Most people would hire escorts from agencies that specialize in the business. There are many advantages to this. Agencies screen escorts for quality and not everybody gets accepted. Because of this, you can be reasonably sure that you will have a good experience with them. With agencies, there are the budget varieties as well as the premium varieties. Be careful while choosing agencies.
The thing with agencies is that most things about them are standardized. They have a standard reply to all your questions, and they even have an FAQ on their website. When you contact them, they will ask you questions in order to determine your personality. This serves both as a background check and a verification service.
Some of the better escort agencies use your information to choose the right kind of escort for you, which leads to a better encounter with the escort. Escorts from agencies are also professional in their approach. They are usually briefed about you before they meet you, and they prepare themselves mentally according to what they have been told.
A good relationship with an escort agency is vital. Let the agency know anything that might make your booking more pleasurable. For example what you would like your escort to wear, what fetishes you may have etc. Based on the information you give the escort agency, they can match you up with the perfect escort, every time.
Once you find a good escort agency, stay with them. There are good escort agencies and bad ones. Some escort agencies act in the bait and switch procedure. Bait and switch is setting up an appointment with any escort no matter which one you chose. A reputable escort agency will always setup a booking with the escort you have agreed upon.
In the age of the internet, getting an escort is becoming easier than ever before. You can find all kinds of escorts online, that specializes in any fetish, and look the way you like. However, getting an escort, and a good one at that, can be both a risky and dangerous business. You need to know escort lingo, where to keep your money, and how long to stay with her. Luckily, it is very easy to learn how to find the best escort available, for almost any price you are willing to pay.
Find a reputable escort directory site. These will have many escort ads for you to search through. You can tell you are on a good site if the majority of the ads there are posted monthly. Sites to avoid would be sites like where escorts post ads daily instead of monthly. One reason behind this is that daily ads are very cheap which attracts lower class escorts.
Search for an independent escort or an escort agency. Agencies can be nice because you can expect a certain level of consistency from the escorts. If you find an agency that you like, then the booker can make recommendations to you according to your taste. The downside to agencies is that you will have to pay a bit more because you will pay a large agency fee which is rolled into the price.
Narrow your search to the type of escort that you want. Some categories include; mature brunette, blond, busty, VIP, and so forth. You can also classify by age, physical feature, and/or height. This is also the time to decide whether or not you want a meet-up, a date, or an all-night affair.
Decide on a budget. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you only have $100-$200 to spend, you should consider saving up some more money. Once you click on a girl that you like, scroll down and look at her price. If she is nowhere within your budget then you might not want to waste your time reading her ad.
Do not attempt to negotiate the price with an escort. If her price is not listed then she is usually pricier.
If you found an escort that you really like and she is in your price range, make sure that there will be no added fees or "tips" once you arrive.
Make sure she is the girl in the photo. Escorts who use fake photos will never tell you that it is not really them. Many girls using fake pics will blur out their face, but many beautiful escorts using real photos will blur their face as well for privacy reasons. Other clients will leave comments about her and let you know if she is the girl in the photo.

Use a photo searching service. This will allow you to see if her pictures are stolen from an adult website or professional photo shoot (such as Playboy).

Male escorts

        A male escort otherwise called a gigolo or a social companion who is supported by a woman in a continuing relationship, often living in her residence or having to be present at her beck and call. The gigolo is expected to provide companionship, to serve as a consistent escort with good manners and social skills, and often, to serve as a dancing partner as required by the woman in exchange for the support. Many gifts such as expensive clothing and an automobile to drive may be lavished upon him. The relationship may include sexual services as well, when he also would be referred to as "a kept man".
The term gigolo usually implies a man who adopts a lifestyle consisting of a number of such relationships serially, rather than having other means of support. 
The word gigolo may be traced to a first use as a neologism during the 1920s as a back-formation from a French word, gigolette, a woman hired as a dancing partner.
Many male escorts, including myself, will use the term "gigolo" in reference to our profession. More often than not, such use is the easiest way to clarify that our clients are women -- that we are heterosexual. Technically my profession is "escort," although I think the term "companion" is much classier and also more accurate.
Before the TV show "Gigolos" -- the reality series in which I star - began airing on Showtime in 2010, the world I inhabit in my professional life was completely unknown. Three years (and 5 seasons) later, my world has been glimpsed by millions and the term "gigolo" has found its way into the common lexicon. The question I field from people who first encounter me, however, has not changed.
It's almost impossible for me to know what someone means when they ask me, "How did you get into this?"
Are they asking how I wound up on a TV show? Do they want the story of how I met my agent? Could they be interested in how I acquired the skills to even be qualified to work for my agent in the first place? Then there is the possibility that they are wanting to know how I acquired the mind-set to pursue the path that brought me to this point in my life.
I have often compared the life trajectory of a high-end straight male escort to that of an athlete. You might expect a Major League Baseball player to be confused if asked, "How did you get into this?"
I expect his basic answer to be not so far from my own: I fell in love with the game, became really good at it, people noticed, now I get paid to play.
The world shown in "Gigolos" the reality show is a glamorized and stylised version of my actual world.
The portrayal is not inaccurate, but it is, by default, an edited version of events highlighting the most exciting, humorous and sexy parts of my profession and lifestyle. I am glad that the viewing audience has had such a positive reaction to the show and, by extension, to my comrades and me. However, even the most dedicated viewers tend to come away with some misconceptions about the life of a gigolo.
The most common misconception about my profession is that it is "all about sex."

When our show premiered four years ago - and even now, years later -- many people were incredulous. Why would any woman pay for sex when she could just show up at any bar and get it for free?

Monday, 10 October 2016

A Closer Look At Adultwork Escorts and London Escorts

A Case of Different but Highly Inter-related Service

         Adultwork is defined as a characteristic work that has to do with nakedness. An adultwork service provider engage in sexual satisfaction of clients, s/he has a good knowledge of sexual arousal and how to bring his/her clients to maximum satisfaction. Services of adultworkers centers solely on having hot sex with clients. Most adultworkers are prostitutes that engage in sex with their clients in exchange for money, some of these prostitutes sometimes double as escorts and they are adultwork escorts. Adultwork escorts provide escort services but their prime tool of satisfaction is engaging in memorable sex with their clients, adultwork escorts are prostitutes and they fit a large category of ladies regardless of their class and beauty.
London escorts on the other hand are London’s high-class ladies who provide escorts services indoor or outdoor. London escorts are very neat and beautiful damsels who are often seen as beauty personified, they have everything any man wants from great shape, firm boobs and nipples, smoking hot body, attractive appearance, good dress-sense, fluent, and most of all they are innocent looking. London escorts will appeal to any sexually active man by mere sighting these classy and beautiful ladies from afar. London escorts will go an extra mile in an intimate environment to ensure client’s satisfaction, extents they can go is quite limitless and include:
  • London escorts can be your date for any event, corporate or social
  • London escorts Go on Dinner Dates
  • London escorts Role Play and Fantasy
  • London escorts Anal Play
  • London escorts ‘A’ Level play
  • London escorts Domination (Giving and Receiving)
  • London escorts Wild Threesomes
  • London escorts Fascinating Water sports (Giving and Receiving)
  • London escorts Toys foreplay and hot sex
  • London escorts uniform Costume Play
  • London escorts Massage
  • London escorts French Kissing
  • London escorts Quickie
  • London escorts Girl Friend Experience and lots more…
Whatever your needs are, London escorts will deliver. These hot young ladies are available for booking either independently on their private sites or through ads, and most of them are under escorts’ agencies who book appointments for them. These agencies ensure before you qualify to work with them as London escorts, you must have been scrutinized for qualities like age, breast size, sexual interests, great shape and high sense of humor, good companion and all-round entertainer. Most clients prefer London escorts through the agencies because they have been filtered and are sure to get the very best of London’s high class babes.
There is huge connection between adultwork escorts and London escorts, because of the expectation that London escorts must be able to give their clients 100% satisfaction at any limit they ask. So expectedly, most men would want to have a sexual experience with London escorts because of all these great characteristic feature they possess, and they would also do your bidding to any length to ensure your satisfaction. A large percentage of London escorts give their clients good sexual satisfaction, and the cool pleasure is the feel that these clients are having a model-class and smoking hot lady to sleep with, which might have been a dream in the real life outside escorting.
Adultwork escorts and London escorts engage in sex, ladies in these jobs are therefore expected to be good and have strength in bed as a plus. This will keep their clients coming back to ask for more, translating to more money. Clearly, most influential men desire clean, classy, hygienic, beautiful and sexually active ladies which can only be found in London escorts, so they get more patronage from high society men who can pays huge sum for companion and fun. Current trend of happening in this business however is that, many agencies sugar-coat themselves to be giving London escorts but in the real sense are providing adultwork escort services because their focus of advert is getting clients laid and nothing else.

If you are fortunate to meet a ‘true’ London escort, you will definitely get a quality experience that would remain fresh in your memory for a long time.

Call girls

          A call girl or female escort is a sex worker who (unlike a street walker) does not display her profession to the general public; nor does she usually work in an institution like a brothel, although she may be employed by an escort agency. The client must make an appointment, usually by calling a telephone number. Call girls often advertise their services in small ads in magazines and via the Internet, although an intermediary advertiser, such as an escort agency, may be involved in promoting escorts, while, less often, some may be handled by a pimp. Call girls may work either in call, where the client comes to them, or outcall, where they go to the client.
In contrast to prostitution, an escort is officially in a profession. It is accepted as a respectable business and there is a lot of money in it. An escort provides her client with companionship for a defined period.
Now it is true that an escort almost always has sex with her client, but there are cases where this doesn’t happen. There are many businessmen who travel to the UK and are in for a short visit for a few days. They don’t always have somebody with them to give them company. Escorts fill this gap by giving them company with some extra services.
They accompany their clients wherever they go such as for parties and other meetings. It is customary to have a female companion with you as a businessman. Prostitutes, of course, offer no such services to their clients. All sexual activities with clients are considered private and not part of the service. Sex takes place with the mutual consent of both parties and it may be paid for or not. Of course, unofficially, the fee always includes an amount for sexual service.
An escort will never walk the streets looking for business and work is carried out in the privacy of her apartment, the clients place or a hotel.
There are many duties that escorts have other than providing clients with sexual pleasure. Many clients hire escorts for more than just sex. Escorts can be hired for companionship and a friendly ear to voice problems to almost like an agony aunt. A lot of people cannot talk to their families about their stressful lives and so seeing an escort can provide a shoulder to cry on in a time of need.
Escorts are required to be smart and clever, something which isn’t always true of prostitutes. Clients pay escorts to have a really good time when they are with them. Sex is only part of what escorts offer, and this is where prostitutes and escorts differ the most. A prostitute may only engage with her client for a few minutes or hours. However an escort may also accompany her client when he travels.
Many escorts choose to go independent and work without an agency. They don’t necessarily do it because they weren’t accepted by an escort agency. They don’t want to split their money with the agency. Escorts generally work for an agency for a few years. Thanks to the internet and freedom to self-promote and advertise an escort can work independently and build up a good client base.

In our opinion there is no real difference between booking an independent escort or an agency escort. Both types of escorts will offer similar services. An agency escort receives all her bookings through the escort agency and therefor may offer a slight better service as repeat work will always depend on client reviews given to the escort agency.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

VIP Escorts – How Far They Ensure Client’s Satisfaction

          The difference between an escort and a prostitute, likewise between a regular escort and VIP escort has been generating heated debate online and beyond for years. It is important to understand who escorts are and to differentiate them from prostitutes, before we can now focus on revealing the difference between VIP and regular escorts to you.
According to the Encarta dictionary, an escort is defined as;
  1. Protector on journey: one or more persons accompanying somebody or something as a guard or guide, or as a mark of honor.
  2. Hired social partner: a man or woman who is hired to accompany another person as a companion, especially to a social event or entertainment.
There are other definitions but they all center around the two stated above, the first category are properly fine-tuned as “security escorts” and the second definition is what comes to the mind when you mention the word “escort”. In this article therefore, escort is used in the context of the second definition.

How Then Can We Define Escorts?
An Escort is a good-looking woman or man who accompanies clients (male or female) to high society events, or arrange meeting with client for entertainment in exchange for money. Escorts are usually requested by clients via escort agencies and it is usually expected that the escort gives the client satisfactory companionship which may include sex, the agency claims not to have idea about the sex part and that it wouldn’t have been arranged by them. This is the singular reason why escort service is legalized in most countries of the world, it is not the same as paying money for sex.
Escort agencies derive their income from availing clients good-looking men and women as companion to functions such as parties, get-together, or sometimes as companion on holiday or a lonely clients. Escort services remain a legal service because sexual conduct between escort and client is with mutual consent of both and hence not illegal. Most escorts engage in mutual sex with their clients in other to satisfy the client to the fullest and for the escort itself to get good recommendation from the client to the escort agency and this keeps him/her in business.

Between Escorts and Prostitutes
A Prostitute is someone who practice the act of providing sexual services in return for money, they are usually captured under the term “sex workers”. Frankly, prostitutes sleep with men, as much that comes their way per day for money and it is usually on short term basis. A prostitute would usually not care about their client’s happiness or satisfaction but getting done and collecting the pay is their prime concern, most times charging their clients per ejaculation.
For escorts, companionship is the means of exchange for money while sex is for prostitutes. An escort would do all he/she can to make his/her client satisfied but a prostitute would not, escort would usually engage in chitchat with the client and look for means of getting their worries away, but a prostitute care less about client’s circumstance but engaging in sex and getting paid comes first. In most cases, clients goes to prostitutes at their designated locations to transact business but for escort, client have to book ahead and for a specified period of time. Escorts can accompany clients for days on holiday but prostitute are usually found at one location for their business. Escorts are never sex workers but company givers (sex is mutual agreement) whereas prostitutes are sex workers (sex ALWAYS happen)

Regular Escorts and VIP Escorts
Escorts also do have ranks, there is regular and VIP escort. The term is relative in most cases because some persons claim they are VIP escorts because they possess some characteristics that other escorts don’t have. Generally, VIP escorts are high-end and classy companions who are very beautiful and handsome from head to toes, they care for every part of their body and are highly hygienic. They could be college graduates with various educational degrees (, B.Sc, B.A, Masters, Ph.D, etc.), VIP escorts can also be intelligent individuals who speak fluently in more than one language and have good manners and politeness. Some classify themselves as VIP escorts because they happen to have become famous at one point in their life, e.g. model, dancer, celebrity, beauty pageant winner, etc. VIP escorts are usually of great backgrounds and see themselves as professionals rather than hookers or prostitutes. VIP escorts are so charming, well-dressed, cool and calm that you would not but call them princess on first sight, no one would even notice they are escort in real life when they are rendering their company services, they are so professional and gives client unforgettable moments which is well-paid for. VIP escorts are also different from regular escorts in the sense that they sometime sieve quality of client to render their services for, a VIP escort is gifted in engaging client in sensible long-hour conversation about life, love and or any other subject to an extent that they qualify as client’s fantasy wife for the period of time they spend with the client.

Summarily, VIP escorts are definitely worth the penny spent to call them for rendering their service. VIP Escorts are quite expensive and charge higher than regular escorts, regular escorts on the other hand charge higher than Prostitutes. Prostitutes charges cheaply but they can go many rounds a day to make about the same an escort makes daily, some escorts asks their client extra money for sex which makes the no better than prostitutes.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Things you didn't know about escorts

       Multilingual, charismatic and often highly educated, an escort is not a sexual object.
In fact, an escort can be easily compared to a geisha. The term "geisha" means "person who loves art". Many believe that a geisha is a prostitute, which is wrong. If you search the word "geisha" on the internet, the first definition that appears says that a geisha is "a woman of Japanese nationality who accustomed to entertain men with conversation, song and dance." That is very much alike an escort’s job, except that you don’t pay for their virginity, but for their time.
Besides the flawless look, an escort is a fine connoisseur of the male psychology and knows how to play the ideal partner. 

Psychologists say that an escort’s secret is her chameleon personality. "Escorts are ladies who are not only attractive but also very charismatic. They know how to create a good feeling of relaxation and they are well trained to face conversations in very broad areas. They are flexible, know how to cope with different situations, to accommodate to the client’s personality ". And, most importantly, they know how to value the men and get them to come again and again.

Escorts are flattering, they offer men what they can’t get home. Some of those who use escorts are lonely or going through difficult life situations. Others just want a trophy to display it in public. Whatever the reasons, men find at this girls exactly what they're looking for.

The oldest profession in the world has moved from the streets to internet, where the escorts can be evaluated by members who met them. Even more, if you are a girl and you choose to practice this job independently, singing up on sites like uEscort - escort directory, will allow you to choose your clients based on the other escort’s feedback. You can even check your future clients by a such-called “black list”, where you will find the names of men who caused any sort of trouble to an escort.