Sunday, 2 October 2016

Things you didn't know about escorts

       Multilingual, charismatic and often highly educated, an escort is not a sexual object.
In fact, an escort can be easily compared to a geisha. The term "geisha" means "person who loves art". Many believe that a geisha is a prostitute, which is wrong. If you search the word "geisha" on the internet, the first definition that appears says that a geisha is "a woman of Japanese nationality who accustomed to entertain men with conversation, song and dance." That is very much alike an escort’s job, except that you don’t pay for their virginity, but for their time.
Besides the flawless look, an escort is a fine connoisseur of the male psychology and knows how to play the ideal partner. 

Psychologists say that an escort’s secret is her chameleon personality. "Escorts are ladies who are not only attractive but also very charismatic. They know how to create a good feeling of relaxation and they are well trained to face conversations in very broad areas. They are flexible, know how to cope with different situations, to accommodate to the client’s personality ". And, most importantly, they know how to value the men and get them to come again and again.

Escorts are flattering, they offer men what they can’t get home. Some of those who use escorts are lonely or going through difficult life situations. Others just want a trophy to display it in public. Whatever the reasons, men find at this girls exactly what they're looking for.

The oldest profession in the world has moved from the streets to internet, where the escorts can be evaluated by members who met them. Even more, if you are a girl and you choose to practice this job independently, singing up on sites like uEscort - escort directory, will allow you to choose your clients based on the other escort’s feedback. You can even check your future clients by a such-called “black list”, where you will find the names of men who caused any sort of trouble to an escort.