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VIP Escorts – How Far They Ensure Client’s Satisfaction

          The difference between an escort and a prostitute, likewise between a regular escort and VIP escort has been generating heated debate online and beyond for years. It is important to understand who escorts are and to differentiate them from prostitutes, before we can now focus on revealing the difference between VIP and regular escorts to you.
According to the Encarta dictionary, an escort is defined as;
  1. Protector on journey: one or more persons accompanying somebody or something as a guard or guide, or as a mark of honor.
  2. Hired social partner: a man or woman who is hired to accompany another person as a companion, especially to a social event or entertainment.
There are other definitions but they all center around the two stated above, the first category are properly fine-tuned as “security escorts” and the second definition is what comes to the mind when you mention the word “escort”. In this article therefore, escort is used in the context of the second definition.

How Then Can We Define Escorts?
An Escort is a good-looking woman or man who accompanies clients (male or female) to high society events, or arrange meeting with client for entertainment in exchange for money. Escorts are usually requested by clients via escort agencies and it is usually expected that the escort gives the client satisfactory companionship which may include sex, the agency claims not to have idea about the sex part and that it wouldn’t have been arranged by them. This is the singular reason why escort service is legalized in most countries of the world, it is not the same as paying money for sex.
Escort agencies derive their income from availing clients good-looking men and women as companion to functions such as parties, get-together, or sometimes as companion on holiday or a lonely clients. Escort services remain a legal service because sexual conduct between escort and client is with mutual consent of both and hence not illegal. Most escorts engage in mutual sex with their clients in other to satisfy the client to the fullest and for the escort itself to get good recommendation from the client to the escort agency and this keeps him/her in business.

Between Escorts and Prostitutes
A Prostitute is someone who practice the act of providing sexual services in return for money, they are usually captured under the term “sex workers”. Frankly, prostitutes sleep with men, as much that comes their way per day for money and it is usually on short term basis. A prostitute would usually not care about their client’s happiness or satisfaction but getting done and collecting the pay is their prime concern, most times charging their clients per ejaculation.
For escorts, companionship is the means of exchange for money while sex is for prostitutes. An escort would do all he/she can to make his/her client satisfied but a prostitute would not, escort would usually engage in chitchat with the client and look for means of getting their worries away, but a prostitute care less about client’s circumstance but engaging in sex and getting paid comes first. In most cases, clients goes to prostitutes at their designated locations to transact business but for escort, client have to book ahead and for a specified period of time. Escorts can accompany clients for days on holiday but prostitute are usually found at one location for their business. Escorts are never sex workers but company givers (sex is mutual agreement) whereas prostitutes are sex workers (sex ALWAYS happen)

Regular Escorts and VIP Escorts
Escorts also do have ranks, there is regular and VIP escort. The term is relative in most cases because some persons claim they are VIP escorts because they possess some characteristics that other escorts don’t have. Generally, VIP escorts are high-end and classy companions who are very beautiful and handsome from head to toes, they care for every part of their body and are highly hygienic. They could be college graduates with various educational degrees (, B.Sc, B.A, Masters, Ph.D, etc.), VIP escorts can also be intelligent individuals who speak fluently in more than one language and have good manners and politeness. Some classify themselves as VIP escorts because they happen to have become famous at one point in their life, e.g. model, dancer, celebrity, beauty pageant winner, etc. VIP escorts are usually of great backgrounds and see themselves as professionals rather than hookers or prostitutes. VIP escorts are so charming, well-dressed, cool and calm that you would not but call them princess on first sight, no one would even notice they are escort in real life when they are rendering their company services, they are so professional and gives client unforgettable moments which is well-paid for. VIP escorts are also different from regular escorts in the sense that they sometime sieve quality of client to render their services for, a VIP escort is gifted in engaging client in sensible long-hour conversation about life, love and or any other subject to an extent that they qualify as client’s fantasy wife for the period of time they spend with the client.

Summarily, VIP escorts are definitely worth the penny spent to call them for rendering their service. VIP Escorts are quite expensive and charge higher than regular escorts, regular escorts on the other hand charge higher than Prostitutes. Prostitutes charges cheaply but they can go many rounds a day to make about the same an escort makes daily, some escorts asks their client extra money for sex which makes the no better than prostitutes.

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