Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Life is not at all easy if you are working as an escort. Things become more complicated when you are a bisexual or transgender and only way you can earn your living is by working as an escort to entertain people.
Most of the people think that life is very easy for the people who belong to escort agencies. You wake up every day, get dressed and spend time with people and in return, you get paid a large sum of money. This isn't the complete story, as there are many challenges that one has to face when working in this profession.
If this task is tough for a straight guy or girl, then you can imagine how difficult it would be for a bisexual or transgender.
One of the problems that every bisexual escort has to face is that they have to face rejections most of the time, as most of the time, straight people do not prefer hanging out with the bisexuals. Thus, there are times that they do not get called and have to wait for them to find the right client.
When asked an escort, he told that most of the people do not want to interact with them openly in the public. They want to hide it from everyone, as they cannot afford to be labeled as a gay or lesbian. This is because it can hurt their good name in the society,
Not only this, most of the people are not even willing to mention them as their friends, thus it is difficult for them to find and make new friends. As, nobody is daring enough to tell this to the public, due to which, they are forced to stay alone and avoid public gatherings and meetings.
The most difficult part of the job comes when they are on their way for the date. This is really difficult, as you are going to meet a completely new person and have no idea what he is going to do after seeing you. In order to make them happy, they have to spend the time with them even if they are not willing to do so.
Besides this, when working in this profession there is a huge risk of health and most of the clients are not willing to have a condom. As they are the one being paid, so they have to agree upon their client demands to make them happy.
One more difficulty that they have to face is that they have to agree to the foolish demands that people make. It can be anything. The problem is not all escorts are sex workers, and not all people are ready to understand that. Thus, they are forced to be involved in intimacy whether they want or not.

Life is not easy for everyone, especially if you are an escort. Every day is a challenge, as one has to meet new people with every new sun. Things are tougher if you are a bisexual or transsexual, but still, these people are surviving in this difficult profession.

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