Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Looking for a partner to join you on your trip? But you are not the one looking for a straight girl or guy?
Well, if this is the case, then don't worry as there are many London escort agencies who are providing their customer an option to hire a transsexual escort.
You heard it right. Last few years we have noticed that the trend for hiring a transsexual escort is rising. The reason is that everyone wants to try things that are new and thrilling, especially when it comes to man they are always ready to go for a thrill. Although in the past, it was considered taboo in most of the societies, now things have changed.
People are now more open and are ready to accept the change, thus if you are looking for a shemale to be your partner for the night, then don't worry. As you can easily find one for yourself. Besides this, you can also call for a gay or lesbian escort depending on what you prefer.
So, you can easily find yourself the right company all you need to do is call your nearest escort agencies. Meeting a transsexual is same as meeting a girl, but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.  
1.     Try to keep in mind that the person you are with also has a female side, so lock that in your mind. Stick to that side of him and appreciate him for his beauty and looks.  Tell him how you feel about him and how does it feel to you in his presence.
2.     In most of the places, transsexuals are not treated even like humans. So, try to be gentlemen and treat him the way he needs to be treated.  Don't be demanding, try to be as humble as you can.
3.     If you are doing this thing for the first time, then don't hesitate in telling him that. Be open and be yourself, don't act. Take it as your regular dates. This is the only way how you can have a good time and enjoy his company.
4.     Remember that, he wants to be a girl and treated like that. So, give him presents and treat him gently like you treat other women. Don't think about the other side of his personality.
5.     Follow the safe sex guides, so keep a pack of condom always with you. As it is necessary for both of your health. I am sure you don't want to get any health issues after that
There are many men who found the company of a transsexual more appealing than any other girl or guy in this whole world. So, there are chances that you might also be one of them, but if this is the case then don't worry as there are many transsexual working as an escort. Still, keep in mind to check what services they are providing you with, as you don't want to bump into the wrong person. 

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